Kindergarten Math Curriculum Program

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I am excited to announce that the new Kindergarten Math Curriculum Program has been completed.  You will find worksheets, workbooks and centre activities that will help you meet the Kindergarten common core math curriculum outcomes. The video below provides a brief overview of the program.                     […]

Math Counting Cardinality Strand – Video

Kinderplans is in the process of revising the Kindergarten Math Curriculum ProgramThe Counting and Cardinality strand has just been completed.  The

video below gives you a general idea of what this math curriculum strand consists of.


Video Numbers 1-20 Activities



Click Here to View Video




Using the the math workbooks and centre activities found within these units cover the curriculum outcomes below:


  1.  I can count forward starting at any number
  2. I can write numbers 0-20 and show the correct amount of objects for these numbers
  3. I know a number represents an amount of objects
  4. When I count, I know each number I say represents one object
  5. I know the last number I say is the number I say is the number of objects, even if I arrange them differently
  6. I know when I count the number gets bigger
  7. I can count 20 things
  8. I can tell if a group has greater than, less than or an equal amount
  9. I can compare two printed numerals between 1-10
  10. I can decompose numbers by how many tens and ones there are


Hands-One Centre Activities



To access the workbooks and centre activities click on the link below:


Accessing Resources



In the link below you can access the FREE  “Number Sets Workbook”


Number Sets Workbook on Kinderplans Website


Number Sets Workbook on Teachers Pay Teachers

Numbers Sets Sample Pages

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Important Pre-K Skills

One of the most important skills that should be taught at the Pre-K level is phonemic and phonological awareness.  I can’t stress the importance of teaching these skills to our early learners because they are the basis for learning to read. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and segment sounds.  We know that a student’s skills in phonemic awareness is a good predictor of later reading success or difficulty.  Since research has proven this time and time again, as a Pre-K or kindergarten teacher, this is a great place to start your literacy instruction.

Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness


What Is The Difference Between Phonemic and Phonological Awareness?

The video below outlines the difference between phonemic and phonological awareness.


Important Pre-Reading Skills


Pre-K Curriculum

The new Pre-K curriculum that has been developed contains lessons based on the phonological awareness model displayed on the right.  The skills outlined below address these key components within the lesson plans.


Information About Pre-K Curriculum


Sound Knowledge

-Isolate beginning sounds in words

-Segment and blend sounds in words

-Change a sound in a word to make a new word


Rhyme Knowledge

Pre-K Curriclum

Pre-K Curriclum

-Recognize rhyming word partners and be able to generate rhyming partners


Syllable Knowledge

-Clap and tap syllables within words


Word Knowledge

-Recognize how many words are within a sentence


Sample Mini-Lesson On Word Segmentation

Place the picture cards representing the words below in a pocket chart.  Say the words below segmenting each letter sound.  I say each letter sound very, very slowly or a I use a puppet named “Slow Speaking Sam” who says sounds in words slowly.  The students are to blend the sounds back together and identify the picture card that represents the word.


b/u/s          b/o/x          b/e/d         h/ou/se          s/u/n          p/i/g


Segmenting Picture Cards 

Below are the picture cards representing the words to be segmented.




Pre-K Curriculum Information

In the link below you can find more information on the Pre-K curriculum.


More Information About Pre-K Curriculum



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Pre-K Curriculum

I have been asked to create a Pre-K curriculum that addresses the “National Standards” but also meets the needs of ESL learners.  I am excited about this opportunity, but I know it will be a considerable amount of work.  The resources will be reproduced in hardcopy and distributed to places that do not necessarily have access to quality resources.  This is the reason for the different books.  I will also have an online version.

Note:  The curriculum only includes activities that address learning outcomes.   It does not include play center a ideas, which should still be included in the bulk of the curriculum.

Teacher's Guide

Teacher’s Guide

Teacher Resources

Teacher Resources

Student Workbook

Student Workbook

Student Resources

Student Resources









Your Input After Viewing Free Resources

I have created the first unit of study which is based on greeting each other and becoming familiar with names within their learning environment.  Please view and use the free resources.  I would really appreciate your input!!!


Pre-K Curriclum

Pre-K Curriculum


Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s Resources

Student Workbook

Student Resources




Future Units of Study

All About Me

My Five Senses

My Body (taking care of it)

My Emotions

My Home and Family

My Family

My House



Food and Nutrition

Zoo and Animals



Numbers and Shapes


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Curriculum Based Lesson Planning

I have witnessed many curriculum changes over my 33 years of teaching.  I don’t stress about meeting each outcome but rather on developing exciting learning opportunties around a specific concept or theme that I wish to focus on.  In the video below I briefly discuss how I planned my lesson for the Pumpkin Theme that I will use during the week of Halloween.


Brief Video on How I Plan My Lessons


View Pumpkin Lesson Plan on You Tube


Meeting the Outcomes

After, I have completed my planning, I check off the outcomes that have been addressed.  I am always amazed at how many outcomes have been addressed in a single lesson.  If you are following the common core curriculum, you will find a checklist that can be used in the link below:


Common Core Checklist for Kindergarten

Down At The Pumpkin Patch

Down At The Pumpkin Patch


Importance of Incidental Learning

Introducing alphabet letters, sounds and sight words within a meaningful context offers many opportunities to introduce other skills that might crop up during instructional time.    While reading the emergent reader “Down at the Pumpkin Patch”, the students are being exposed to a number of sight words, the CVC pattern in the word “big” could be discussed, allowing students who are ready for blending sounds together to move forward. This allows for multilevel instruction.


Pumpkin Counting Emergent Reader

Pumpkin Counting Emergent Reader

Restructuring My Lessons to Meet the Needs of My Students

After, completing my Apples Theme lessons, I realized that my students still needed more practice in identifying and working with numbers 1-10.  I incorporated that into my Pumpkin Theme.  I created another version of the reader “Down At the Pumpkin Patch”.


Interactive Activities and Subject Integration

Interactive Component of Black and White Version of Reader

Interactive Component of Black and White Version of Reader

I always use the interactive versions of the readers.  In this version of “Down At the Pumpkin Patch”, the students are required to draw and color the correct amount of pumpkins as indicated in the text (numeral or word version).   This adds a comprehension element and also allows the students to be far more engaged in their learning.  I also try to integrate other subject areas as much as possible.  In this case, language arts and math were integrated.


My Final Thoughts

Remember to be flexible and praise your students regularly for the progress that has been made.  I have learned to not be obsessed about curriculum standards because I know all my students are progressing and that is exciting.  They amaze me each and every day at how far they have come.  The funny thing is, that most of them do meet the outcomes without me being so focused on accomplishing them and we have had fun along the way.


Halloween Related Activities

In the link below you will find more Halloween related activties.


Halloween Related Activities


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