The Day It Rained Hearts Literacy Lesson Plan

The “Alphabet and Sight Word” curriculum is being revised.  It has had a few revisions over the years, this new revision will allow users a more step-by-step

The Day It Rained Valentine Hearts Literacyprocess that can be easily implemented.  It follows a balanced literacy approach for introducing the alphabet letters and their related sounds and all the pre-primer sight words.  This is a brief preview of what is included in the new revised program.


Modeled Reading

All alphabet letters/sounds and sight words begin with using a popular literacy selection used for modeled reading.  In this set of lesson plans, the selection “The Day It Rained Hearts” by Felicia is used.


Shared Reading Follow-Up

The companion emergent reader “It Rained Valentine Hearts” would be used as a follow-up to model the reading process and to introduce the following:


Alphabet Letters:  Uu and Vv


Sight Words:  it, down, yellow, the

Rained Hearts ReaderRained Valentine Hearts Reader Color









Alphabet and Rhyming Literacy Center Games and Activities

Spin and Print

Playing partners spin and print the letter of the focus initial letter sound represented in the picture they landed on.


Draw and Print

Students draw a picture card and print the letter of the focus initial letter sound represented in the picture.


Picture Mnemonic Printing Activity

Students will be involved with focus letter picture mnemonic printing activities as displayed in the photograph.


Phonemic Awareness, Phonological Awareness and Rhyming Activities

Rhyming, phonemic and phonological awareness activities are always addressed within the units.  This unit includes suggestions and activities in relation to developing these skills.

Alphabet Games Valentine Hearts

Sight Word Literacy Center Games and Activities

Spin and Print

Playing partners spin and print the sight word.


Roll and Print

In this game focus sight words are printed on a blank die.  Students roll the die and print the focus sight word on the templates provided.


Roll, Move and Say

Playing partners take turns rolling a die and moving their game players accordingly and must say the word landed on.


Draw and Say

Playing partners take turns drawing a word and saying the word displayed.  They get to keep the card if it is read correctly.

Sight Word Games Valentine Games


Writing Activity

All lesson plan units include a follow-up writing activity.

Rained Hearts Writng Activity

Simple Follow-up Crafts

In this craft activity the students would cut the frame and color the hearts according the words displayed on them.

Day It Rained Hearts Craft

Where Can I Access These Resources?

You can access the resources from the link below


The The It Rained Hearts Literacy Lesson Plans Unit


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Christmas Resources



Symbols of Christmas Reader

Symbols of Christmas Reader

The Social Studies curriculum requires my students to understand and recognize symbols within groups and communities. This concept is difficult to grasp for these young learners.  I chose to introduce this concept in relation to Christmas through the reader “Symbols of Christmas” found in the link below.  Feel free to use this for your own classroom.  My students enjoyed completing the interactive components where they completed each page as described in the text.


Christmas Symbols Reader – Easy Version


Christmas Symbols Reader – Harder Version



Coloring Christmas Card

Coloring Christmas Card

In the link below your will find more free resources that you can use within your classroom.


Christmas Card Coloring Activity



Color and Cut Christmas Tree


Christmas and Five Senses

Christmas and Five Senses

Coloring Picture



The Science “Five Senses” outcomes can be addressed during the Christmas season.  This time of year offers so many opportunities to integrate these outcomes.  Click on the link below to preview.


Christmas and Five Senses Theme

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Free Worksheets and Resources

Math Resource Freebies

Follow-up Math Worksheet

Follow-up Math Worksheet

The Kinderplans site has many free resources that are available to the public.  I just wanted to make you aware of ones that would be applicable for this time of year.  If you are working with numbers, the link below you will lead to the page that has an animated number video with follow-up activities that can be used effectively to help students learn the numbers 1-20.



Animated Songs Number Video and Follow-Up Worksheets


Alphabet Activities Free Resources

Alphabet Picture Sorting Cards

Alphabet Picture Sorting Cards

In the links below you will find an animated alphabet video that is related to the “Alphabet Sight Word Readers” but it also contains other follow-up worksheets that can be used.


Animated Alphabet Video and Follow-up Worksheets


More Free Alphabet Activities and Worksheets


Free Emergent Readers

In the link below you will find free emergent readers which includes a reader about the changes that occur during the Fall or Autumn season.


Free Emergent Readers

Center Signs

In the link below you will find signs that can be used to identify your “Centers”.


Center Signs


Common Core Poster

Common Core Poster

Common Core Check List and Posters

Last year I condensed and modified the resources to help teachers meet the new common core standards that have become mandatory in many States.  On occasion, I receive an e-mail stating they want nothing to do with resources that relate to the “Common Core”.  Unfortunately many educators do not have an option.  The resources are designed to meet any curriculum outcomes.  Like any resource, it is up to the educator to adjust them according to the needs of their students and required curriculum outcomes.  They are generic enough to allow for this flexibility.

If you haven’t already accessed the common core checklist and posters, you can find them on the home page of the Kinderplans site.  You will need to logout of the member site in order to access the public site.  


Common Core Posters and CheckList


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Animated Alphabet Song Video

Students will enjoy learning the alphabet and related sounds by singing the song and copying the movements of the animated characters found on the video.  This video is meant to use to introduce the letters and corresponding sounds or as a review.  The “Sight Word/Alphabet Readers”, “Alpha Tunes CD Songs” and follow-up games accessible to members extensively expands on these concepts in a more meaningful context.

Animated Alphabet Song Video


Animated Alphabet Song for Children on YouTube


Animated alphabet Song for Children on SchoolTube



Follow-up Printable Worksheet Activities

Students will have an opportunity to reinforce what they have learned through the video by completing an “Alphabet Worksheet Booklet” found in the link below:


Alphabet Worksheet Booklet Related to Alphabet Song Video


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Bug Activities

It is the time of year when students love to explore and find insects.  This is a great time to incorporate this natural curiosity into your lesson plans.  In this blog post I have included fun worksheets that can be added to your “Insect or Bug Theme” unit.  These can be added to your center activities to help improve fine motor skills.  The students will identify color or color words to complete the worksheets and trace the butterfly outline.

Trace and Color Butterfly

Trace and Color Butterfly

Color by Number or Color Word

Butterfly Color by Number

Butterfly Color by Number Word

Bee Color by Number

Bee Color by Number Word


Trace and Color Butterfly Worksheet

Students will trace the outlined of the butterfly on the dotted lines and them complete the picture by coloring it.

Trace and Color Butterfly

Insect Coloring Sheets

In the links below you will find bug coloring sheets.

Butterfly Coloring Sheet 1

Butterfly Coloring Sheet 2

Bee Coloring Sheet

 More Kindergarten-Preschool Activities


Worksheets Farm Theme

These “Farm Theme” related activities and worksheets can be incorporated within the unit.  The students will improve their fine-motor and number recognition skills by connecting the number dots to create a cow and hen.  The farm coloring sheets can also be added to the center activities to assist the students in improving their fine-motor skills.

In the links below you will find connect the number dots sheets related to the “Farm Theme”.

Connect the Dots Cow


Dot-to-Dot Cow


Connect the Dots Hen


In the links below you will find the related  “Farm Theme” coloring sheets:


Draw and Coloring Hen Sheet


Farm Theme Coloring Sheet One


Farm Theme Coloring Sheet Two


More Farm Theme Activities and Lesson Plan Suggestions 


Easter Activities-Worksheets

Preschool and Kindergarten children will have fun coloring, connecting the dots and trying to follow the egg maze.  These Easter activity sheets could easily added to the centers for additional fine-motor development.  These could also be used for writing prompts.  The children could dictate a story about a chick hatching out of an egg, or a child getting lost in an egg maze.  The dot to dot number sheets are a good review of number recognition.

Connect Number Dots Chick

Connect Number Dots Chick

Connect the Number Dots Chick

In the links below you will find two versions of connect the number dots sheets.

Connect the Dots Chick 1

Connect the Dots Chick  2

Colorful Egg or Easter Card

The children could color the egg found in the template below.  It could also be used to create an Easter card for their parents.

Easter Egg Coloring Sheet or Card

Easter Egg Maze

The children will have fun trying to find their way out of the Easter egg.

Egg Maze

Easter Activities

More Easter Activities can be found at:

More Easter Activities





Pre Kindergarten Spring Activities

This post features phonemic awareness activities, emergent reader and worksheet activities related to spring. In the last few posts we focused on why it is important to include “phonemic and phonological awareness” activities within your lesson plans. Since the “Spring” theme focuses on rhyming, we will continue with this focus and more activities related to Spring.  Within the theme unit you will find many rhyming picture cards that can be used to develop the concept of rhyme further through playing games.


The video below demonstrates how the pictures were transferred into making a Smart Board game which has been newly added to the theme unit.


Smart Board Activity



Rhyming Activities to View on You Tube




The reader found in the link below can be used as a shared reading experience to introduce the concept of the changes that take place during the spring season.

Spring Emergent Reader



1.  Spring Goes Squish! by Marty Kelley

2.  Splish, Splash, Spring by Jan Carr

3.  It’s Spring by Linda Glaser (has some rhyming)

4.  Spring Things by Bob Raczka

5.  It’s Spring by Samantha Berger


Connect the Dots Kite

Connect the Dots Kite



In the link below the children can connect the alphabet dots to create the kite and complete it by adding their own features and colors.

Connect the Alphabet Kite



In the links below the children would color the flowers according the ones displayed or according to the color words (color word recognition activity).

Color by Number Spring Activity

Color by Color Word Spring Activity



In the link below the children follow the shapes to complete the snail picture.

Connect the Shapes to Complete the Picture


The children could draw their own spring picture within the seasonal pictures frame.

Spring Picture Frame 



More Spring activities can be found in the link below:

More Spring Activities 



Worksheets-Coloring Activities for Space Theme

Identifying colors, color word recognition, number recognition and sequencing in relation to the Space and Robots theme will be the focus of these worksheets.  The children will also apply their fine-motor skills in completing the related coloring sheets.  These are great to use as an additional Center activity related to the theme.


 Connect the Number Dots Sun Worksheet Activity





The first activity requires the children to color according to the number and color displayed.  The second activity requires the children to color according to the number and color word displayed (color word recognition activity).

Color by Number Worksheet- Color Recognition Activity

Color by Number Worksheet – Color Word Recognition Activity




In the links below you will find different coloring sheets

Space Coloring Sheet 1

Space Coloring Sheet 2

Save the Earth Coloring Sheet


More Lesson Plans and Activities for Space and Robots Theme

Worksheets for Ocean Theme

The children will enjoy completing these ocean theme worksheets.  The students can help the fish find water by completing the maze, or draw a fish by connecting the dots numbers or color the ocean scene.  These worksheets are a great addition to your Ocean Theme units.
These activities can be found in the links below:

Ocean Maze

Dot to Dot Fish

Ocean Coloring Picture

Ocean Printing Coloring Sheet


More Ocean Theme Related Links

Ocean Theme Ideas


More Preschool – Kindergarten Worksheets Links

Preschool – Kindergarten Worksheets

More Free Preschool and Kindergarten Worksheets