Covid 19 Challenges



This year I am the Learning Support Teacher, so I do not work in a classroom but assist teachers with students that encounter reading and math challenges.

For many of us, it has been a huge learning curve.  We had four days to get packages ready for students.  The photocopier was going 24/7.  I was fortunate to get some printable books and math workbooks copied off.


These are the tools that are used by the majority of the classroom teachers in my school.


  • All our meetings and communications done through Google Hangouts
  • All work assignments are displayed on Google slides and accessed through Google classroom


The tool that was new to me and I am really enjoy using is Screencastify.  I use this tool when I am organizing individual plans.  I can quickly do an instructional video and post a link to it on a Google slide.  It automatically gets saved into my Google drive.  The company is offering free access during this time.


It is difficult  to offer advice, as each situation is different.  We have to remember that we are all in this together.  Our health should always take priority.  I will certainly remember my last year of teaching being a challenging one.




Making Friends

In our school we have Personal Development for an hour a week. I have begun my preparation and will be sharing these with my

Scaredy Squirrel Makes A Friend

Scaredy Squirrel Makes A Friend

subscribers.  Here are my first month’s plans.  The focus for the first month is “Making New Friends”.  I hope you find these ideas helpful!


Lesson Plan One 

Read the book “Scaredy Squirrel Makes A Friend” or watch the video below:


Scaredy Squirrel Makes A Friend


Discuss the book “Scaredy Squirrel Makes a New Friend” and how they can make friends by just giving others a chance as shown in theOutdoor Activities Pictures book. Discuss how enjoying common activities is a way in making new friends. Display the pictures found in the link below. Each child chooses one of their preferred outdoor activities. Children with the same choice activities gather in a group. The group goes outside together partaking in the chosen activity. After, they must report their findings. Focus on the concept that making new friends often involves meeting somebody who enjoys similar activities and giving others a chance to be a friend.


Outdoor Activity Pictures


Lesson Plan Two

Students watch online audio book “Franklin’s New Friend” found in the link below:


Franklin’s New Friend Franklin's New Friend


Again, reiterate the importance of being open to meeting new friends and giving them chances as stressed in the book. Review how finding people with similar interests allows them an opportunity to meet a new friend. Have them brainstorm for words or phrases that complete the following, “I like to…..” and scribe these onto chart paper. Have the students complete the sheet below by continuing the sentence as was done in the classroom. The students could use the chart as a guide.  After, have the students share these to learn who enjoys similar activities. These can be viewed as possible new friends. 


Writing Template 1


Lesson Plan ThreeWriting Template 2

The focus will be on “What Makes A Good Friend”?  This will be followed-up by discussion.  View the videos below and discuss.

Video 1


Video 2



Read book “I’m A Good Friend”  by David Parker. Brainstorm for words or phrases that complete the sentence “A Good Friend…..”  and scribe the phrases on chart paper.


Lesson Plan FourWriting Template 2

Students draw a name from a container to partner with and choose a free time activity (puzzles, blocks, etc.) to do together.  Allow about 15 minutes of free time partaking in the chosen activity. Discuss their experience.


After, add more ideas to the chart “A Good Friend……”


Students complete written page below.


Writing Template 2


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