Bulletin Board Display

At the beginning of school year I focus on colors, color words and do experiments involving colors.  The emergent readers found in the links below introduce the reading process and also require the students to color the pictures within the reader according to the color words.


Colors Emergent Readers


More Emergent Readers Related to Colors


Colors Bulletin Board Display

Colors Bulletin Board Display

Colors Bulletin Board Display 

Fabulous Freebies 

While my students are learning to associate color words to the correct colors, they rely significantly on our bulletin board display as a point of reference.  In the link below you will find the display that I currently use.Colors Emergent Reader


Colors Bulletin Board Display


Words for the Bulletin Board Display


Another Version –  Words Included

Follow-up Emergent Reader

The emergent reader “Colorful Flowers” is a great follow-up to introducing the bulletin board display.  The students are to color the flowers according to the text.  The bulletin board display would be used as a guide.  The literature selection “Planting A Rainbow” by Lois Ehlert could be used in conjunction with completing this activity.


Canadian Version – Colour


Canadian Version – Black and White


U.S. Version – Color


U. S. Version – Black and White


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