Guided Reading Sight Word – Alphabet Program

Explanation of the Guided Reading Sight Word – Alphabet Program

An explanation of the program can be found in the video below:

Alphabet Program Explained

Alphabet Program Explained


Sample Lesson Plan Unit

Literature Selection for Developing Key Reading Skills and Reading Workshop

The literature selection for this specific lesson plan unit is based on the book Library Lion written by Michelle Knudsen.  These literature selections and follow-up Alphabet/Sight Word emergent readers are used to introduce skills required for learning key reading concepts.  They can also be used for Reading Workshop focusing on making connections, asking questions, visualizing or drawing inferences.library_lion 2

Metacognition Thinking Prompts

-I’m thinking…

-I’m wondering..

-I’m picturing…

-It reminds me of…


-I never though about…

-I just learned…


Shared Reading Follow-Up Emergent Reading

The companion emergent reader “Lion Likes to Read” would be used as a follow-up to model the reading process and to introduce early reading skills in a balanced literacy approach.


Colour Version

Colour Version

Black and White Version

Black and White Version

Booklet Version

Booklet Version







Interactive Component

All black and white versions of the readers include an interactive and non-interactive option.  This interactive option adds another layer of developing reading comprehension and word skills.  In this unit the students cut an paste the correct “b” pictures to match that displayed in the text.

Interactive Component Lion Likes to Read
Lion Likes to Read Interactive Reader

 Booklet Version

New A booklet version of the readers has been recently added.  This version would be run through the copier, folded and stapled with the teacher instructing the copier to do so.  Instructions on how to do this are found within the program outline.  This will vary depending on your copier’s capabilities.  This allows educators to quickly reproduce a quality reading selection that addresses key curriculum outcomes in a balanced literacy approach.


Skill Focus

Alphabet Letters:  Ll for “lion” and Bb for “bear”


Dolch Pre Primer Sight Words:  a, in, is


Word Family:  ap


Alphabet and Rhyming Literacy Center Games and Activities

The games outlined below are follow-up activities that are used to reinforce what has been taught using the emergent reader as an introduction to the focus skills.  A collage of the activities/games are provided in the photograph below.


Spin and Print

Playing partners spin and print the letter of the focus initial letter sound represented in the picture they landed on.


Draw and Print

Students draw a picture card and print the letter of the focus initial letter sound displayed in the picture collage below.


Picture Mnemonic Printing Activity

Students will be involved with focus letter picture mnemonic printing activities as displayed in the photograph below.


Phonemic Awareness, Phonological Awareness and Rhyming Activities

Rhyming, phonemic and phonological awareness activities are always addressed within the units.  These lesson plans include suggestions and activities in relation to developing these skills.

Library Lion Collage copy


Sight Word Literacy Center Games and Activities – All Dolch Pre-primer Sight Words Are Addressed In Program

Spin and Print

Playing partners spin and print the focus sight words (a, in, is).



Roll and Print

In this game focus sight words are printed on a blank die.  Students roll the die and print the focus sight word on the templates provided.


Roll, Move and Say

Playing partners take turns rolling a die and moving their game players accordingly on the game board provided.  They must say the sight word that they landed on.


Draw and Say

Playing partners take turns drawing a word card and saying the word displayed.  They get to keep the card if it is read correctly.

Library Lion Collage

 Writing/Craft Activity

All lesson plan themes include a follow-up writing and craft activity. The students would complete the craft/writing activity displayed below. The templates to complete this activity are found within the unit.  The teacher copies the book template onto colored paper, students draw a picture of what they like reading about and add it to the cover of the book.  A head shot and hands would be added as displayed in the photograph displayed below.  The writing component would also be completed.

Lion Likes to Read Writing Craft


Where Can I Access These Resources?

You can access the resources from the link below


Guided Reading, Sight Word/Alphabet Program



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