Rainbow Fish Literacy Lesson Plans

Rainbow Fish LiteracyThis mini-theme is based on the literacy selection “Rainbow Fish” written by Marcus Pfister.  Other similar selections written by this author could also be used for instructional purposes.  This lesson plan is part of a nine-week program (or longer) to meet the majority of the kindergarten and pre-kindergarten curriculum outcomes.  A balanced literacy approach is used within the Kinderplans teaching resources.  This approach has proven to be the most effective model used in teaching today.


Modeled Reading

All alphabet letters/sounds and sight words begin with using  popular literature selections for modeled reading.  In this set of lesson plans, the teacher would use Rainbow Fish written by Marcus Pfister and other similar literature selections written by this author.


Shared Reading Follow-Up

The companion emergent reader “Rainbow Fish Retelling” would be used as a follow-up to model the reading process and to introduce the following:


Alphabet Letters:  Rr for “rainbow” and Ff for “fish”


Pre Primer Sight Words:  see, the, you


Rainbow Fish Reader Black and WhiteRainbow Fish Reader Colour








Alphabet and Rhyming Literacy Center Games and Activities

The games outlined below are follow-up activities that are used to reinforce what has been taught using the emergent reader as an introduction to the focus skills.  A collage of the activities/games are provided in the photograph below.


Spin and Print

Playing partners spin and print the letter of the focus initial letter sound represented in the picture they landed on.


Draw and Print

Students draw a picture card and print the letter of the focus initial letter sound displayed in the picture collage below.


Picture Mnemonic Printing Activity

Students will be involved with focus letter picture mnemonic printing activities as displayed in the photograph below.


Phonemic Awareness, Phonological Awareness and Rhyming Activities

Rhyming, phonemic and phonological awareness activities are always addressed within the units.  These lesson plans based on the book “Rainbow Fish” include suggestions and activities in relation to developing these skills.

Rainbow Fish Literacy Games


Sight Word Literacy Center Games and Activities for 

Spin and Print

Playing partners spin and print the focus sight words (see, the you).


Roll and Print

In this game focus sight words are printed on a blank die.  Students roll the die and print the focus sight word on the templates provided.


Roll, Move and Say

Playing partners take turns rolling a die and moving their game players accordingly on the game board provided.  They must say the sight word that they landed on.


Draw and Say

Playing partners take turns drawing a word card and saying the word displayed.  They get to keep the card if it is read correctly.

Rainbow Fish Sight Word Games


Writing Activity

All lesson plan themes include a follow-up writing and craft activity. The students would complete the craft/writing activity displayed below. The writing template is meant to be a shape book for your young learners to print a sentence about what they have learned about ocean animals.  The fish template was sponge-painted and thick aluminum foil was used for the scales.


Rainbow Fish Writing Craft 

Where Can I Access These Resources?

You can access the resources from the link below


Rainbow Fish Literacy Lesson Plans



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