Important Pre-K Skills

One of the most important skills that should be taught at the Pre-K level is phonemic and phonological awareness.  I can’t stress the importance of teaching these skills to our early learners because they are the basis for learning to read. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear and segment sounds.  We know that a student’s skills in phonemic awareness is a good predictor of later reading success or difficulty.  Since research has proven this time and time again, as a Pre-K or kindergarten teacher, this is a great place to start your literacy instruction.

Phonological Awareness

Phonological Awareness


What Is The Difference Between Phonemic and Phonological Awareness?

The video below outlines the difference between phonemic and phonological awareness.


Important Pre-Reading Skills


Pre-K Curriculum

The new Pre-K curriculum that has been developed contains lessons based on the phonological awareness model displayed on the right.  The skills outlined below address these key components within the lesson plans.


Information About Pre-K Curriculum


Sound Knowledge

-Isolate beginning sounds in words

-Segment and blend sounds in words

-Change a sound in a word to make a new word


Rhyme Knowledge

Pre-K Curriclum

Pre-K Curriclum

-Recognize rhyming word partners and be able to generate rhyming partners


Syllable Knowledge

-Clap and tap syllables within words


Word Knowledge

-Recognize how many words are within a sentence


Sample Mini-Lesson On Word Segmentation

Place the picture cards representing the words below in a pocket chart.  Say the words below segmenting each letter sound.  I say each letter sound very, very slowly or a I use a puppet named “Slow Speaking Sam” who says sounds in words slowly.  The students are to blend the sounds back together and identify the picture card that represents the word.


b/u/s          b/o/x          b/e/d         h/ou/se          s/u/n          p/i/g


Segmenting Picture Cards 

Below are the picture cards representing the words to be segmented.




Pre-K Curriculum Information

In the link below you can find more information on the Pre-K curriculum.


More Information About Pre-K Curriculum



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